With a team of experts up to date on all of the necessary codes, PMD offers a multitude of inspection options to ensure code compliance and to provide you with the detailed information you need to ensure the health, integrity and safety of your tank.

Inspection Services

PMD ensures your tanks are in compliance with all industry, federal, state and local codes and regulations.

Our teams of experts work hard to find the most time-efficient and cost-effective solution for your tank. After your inspection, you will receive a detailed report with photo documentation, recommendations, and cost estimates. The report will address all applicable standards, including AWWA, NFPA 22 and 25, OSHA, EPA, and authorities having local jurisdiction.

Inspection methods include Ultra Sonic Thickness (UT) Testing, Adhesion Testing and Mil Thickness Testing. Inspections can be performed either while the tank is in service or out of service, depending on your specific needs. PMD also offers NFPA, clean-out, and ROV inspections.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Tank Inspections

When draining your tank isn’t possible, a ROV inspection is the best choice. This type of inspection allows your tank to be fully operational and saves you the expense of draining and refilling. The ROV can move throughout your tank interior, inspecting sidewalls, roofs, floor conditions, and adhesion and paint failures. PMD will provide the owner with a standard inspection report as described above.

Additional Advantages of ROV Inspections:

NFPA Inspections

Realizing your tank will be out of service during an NFPA 25 inspection, our trained professional inspectors have the ability to safely complete said inspection, keeping downtime at a minimum. The NFPA testing evaluates metal loss via integrity testing, coatings and adhesion sustainability, and undetectable leaks in the bottom/floor seams. PMD and NFPA feel that these testings are crucial in order to achieve maximum life expectancy of your tank.